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  1. Is there an app for Human Connection?
  2. Help, I'm not getting your e-mails!
  3. Help, I forgot my password!
  4. Is this network accessible for people with a disability?
  5. Can I use an alias as my (profile) name?
  6. When do I get a notification?
  7. What is the difference between the profile name and the unique user name?
  8. Overview of the homepage
  9. Overview of the user profile and your account settings
  10. Overview of a post
  11. What can I do to promote Human Connection?
  12. Which browser is recommended for this network?
  13. Who is user "Anonymous"?
  14. How can I find specific users?
  15. How can I follow or unfollow a user?
  16. How can I filter posts?
  17. How can I sort posts?
  18. How can I search for posts?
  19. How can I edit images?
  20. How can I change the password of my user account?
  21. How can I use the text editor?
  22. How can I mute or unmute a user?
  23. How can I insert an image into a post or comment?
  24. How can I insert a video into a post or comment?
  25. How can I insert a file/document into my post or comment?
  26. How can I register an organisation?
  27. How can I sent a private message to a user?
  28. How can I recommend a post? (Shout)
  29. Wie kann ich einen Beitrag/Kommentar bearbeiten?
  30. Wie kann ich einen Beitrag/Kommentar löschen?
  31. How can I create an comment?
  32. How can I create a private post?
  33. How can I write a scientific post?
  34. How can I insert emojis in my posts and comments?
  35. How can I invite my friends to join the network?
  36. How can I use hash tags in my posts?
  37. How can I find out who follows me?
  38. How can I mention and notify someone in my posts and comments?
  39. How can I delete my user account?
  40. How can I publish additional information in my user profile?
  41. How can I change my profile image?
  42. How can I change my e-mail address?
  43. How can I change my profile name and my unique user name?
  44. How can I publish my location?
  45. How can I create a user account?
  46. How can I login and logout?
  47. How can I block / unblock a user?
  48. How can I get back to the homepage?
  49. What is the address of my profile page?
  50. How can I report a post or comment to the moderators?
  51. Where can I find your privacy policy?
  52. Where are my badges?
  53. Where is the Like button?
  54. How can I check the online status of a user?
  55. What about those emotions in posts?

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