Frequently Asked Question

Last Updated 9 months ago

If you cannot log into the network please these tips can help:

  1. The Login button is inactive or the login credentials disappear from the input fields when I click the Login button


    Our network and your browser are incompatible. Our network has functionalities which are not available at the Edge browser, with some versions of Internet Explorer (especially as well as older versions of browsers, especially on MacOS and Linux, or if you use an device with an old operating system that no longer gets browser updates.


    Update your browser, use the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Opera or use a device with a contemporary operating system. Also see this FAQ.

  2. The message "Incorrect email address or password" appears


    1. Please check if you entered the e-mail address and the password correctly.
    2. Please make sure that the caps lock key on your keyboard is not activated.
    3. Please check that you enter the e-mail address that belongs to your user account.
    4. If your browser inserts the credentials automatically please overwrite them.

  3. Forgot password, reset password

    See this FAQ.

If none of these tricks help please contact our support.

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