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Why are you a charitable GmbH?
Last Updated a year ago

Since the start in 2012, the charitable GmbH allowed Dennis Hack, the founder of Human Connection, to fund the organisation with his own money. So far, about half a million Euro have been privately invested in the project so far.

After a successful launch, the organisation should be put into as many hands as possible. But for this purpose a solid fundament must be established to make sure that the organisation will ever serve its purpose and that it cannot be degraded by people who aren't well-disposed towards Human Connection.

The network shall be self-sufficient and the hierarchy should be as flat as possible. The goal is: one man, one vote, provided the basis of information is there that people have the right informations. Rights of participations are being discussed.

It's yet open if a complementary foundation or something similar would make sense. We are happy to hear your suggestions by e-mail to

By the way: No matter which legal form Human Connection has, it must be fully transparent at any time. We would like to exceed the legal requirements in this respect.

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