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How can I delete my user account?
Last Updated a year ago

You can delete your user account anytime.
  1. Please login to the network (→ FAQ).
  2. In the page header click on your profile image and select Settings.
  3. Click on Delete data.
  4. If you also like to delete your posts and comments please select these options.
  5. Enter the provided character string into the input field.
  6. Click the Delete data button.

Reasons and solutions

a) Too few features

If you would like to pause using the network oder if you are unhappy about the functional range then please just wait until we developed the features.

b) Annoying users

Please use the function "block user" (that enables you to hide posts of specific users) and the filter "users that i follow". Both allow you a nicer experience. On top of that, the "Block User 2.0" feature is in the pipeline, see this FAQ.

c) Disturbing content

Please use the filter options to exclude certain categories and emotions from the homepage.

d) I can't donate anymore

If you can't or won't make a monthly donation anymore you can still stay a user of our network. Thank you for your continous support.

If you want to leave us we would be very happy to learn why. Thank you very much!

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