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Overview of the user profile and your account settings
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In this FAQ you will show you what is where in a user profile and in your account settings.

There is a video on this subject on YouTube (in German):
Martin & Viktor über das Benutzerprofil und die Einstellungen (Duration: 17:38)

How to get there

After logging into the network (→ FAQ) click on your profile image at the top of the page and select Your profile or Settings:


My Profile


(1) Profile image
(2) Profile menu
(3) Profile name
(4) Unique user name
(5) Location (optional)
(6) Date of joining
(7) Badges (planned feature, see this FAQ)
(8) Numbef of users you follow
(9) Number of users who follow you
(10) Additional information (optional)
(11) Names of your followers *1)
(12) Names of users who you follow *1)
(13) Links to your profile page on social networks and other websites
(14) Your posts
(15) Posts that you commented
(16) Posts that you shouted/recommended - visible to others if enabled in your account settings.
(17) Create a post
*1) Due to a system bug, profile names of users whose account has been disabled or deleted can still appear on the list. [Bug #1902].



In your account settings you will find the following pages:

1. Your data

This is where you you can edit your profile name and your unique user name (→ FAQ). You can also add your location (→ FAQ) and additional information (About You) (→ FAQ) and of course update or delete it.

2. Your e-mail

This is where you can update your e-mail address (→ FAQ).

3. Security

This is where you can change your password (→ FAQ).

4. Privacy

This is where you can define if the posts that you shouted should be disclosed on your profile page to other registered users.

5. Social media

This is where you can add links to your profile page on other social networks or websites (→ FAQ).

6. Muted users

The users muted by you are listed here and you can unmute them if needed (→ FAQ).

7. Blocked users

The users blocked by you are listed here and you can unblock them if needed (→ FAQ).

8. Third party providers

Here you can select if embedded code by third party providers such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. should always be displayed or not. The default setting No thanks means more privacy for your data.

9. Delete data

This is where you can delete your user account (→ FAQ).

PS: You can also access your account settings by clicking the three small, vertical dots on the right hand side of your profile image:

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