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How can I change my profile image?
Last Updated a year ago

You can change your profile image after logging into the network (→ FAQ) on your profile page. Click on your profile image on top of the page and select My Profile:

Access to your user profile

Click on your profile image in the left column and select an image file from your computer. These file formats are permitted: GIF, JPG and PNG. Make sure that your image does not violate our Code of Conduct.


Please note that all information published within the network is openly accessible from the Internet that never forgets. If you care for your privacy we recommend to not publish any photo that can reveal your identity. Instead, you can use another picture, for example an avatar.


If you would like to use an avatar as your profile image (→ Avatar on Wikipedia) you can use an online tool like the free Avatar Generator in order to create such an image. Download it to your computer and upload it to your profile page as shown above.

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