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How can I publish additional information in my user profile?
Last Updated a year ago

You can complete your user profile with additional information such as a description about you, your values, interests, goals etc. and with links to your page on other social networks or websites.

To publish such information please login to the network, click your profile image on top of the page and select Settings:

Access to your user profile

On the page My data, you can fill in additional information in the field About you. Click the Save button.

On the page Social media please you can enter the address of your page on other social networks or websites (including http:// or https://). Click the Add link button.

You can find an overview of the profile page and the account settings page in this FAQ.

Update and delete

You can update and delete this data at the same place.


Please note that all information published within the network is openly accessible from the Internet that never fogets. If you care for your privacy we recommend to only publish limited information or none at all.

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