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What are the features of the network?
Last Updated 9 months ago

Currently, the network consists of a few basic features of a social network. We are constantly adding new features.

Major features

Feature Status Details on GitHub Comments
Action Button PLANNED
#394 -
Badges PLANNED #1188 -
Block LIVE - FAQ
Block List 2.0, Muting 1.0 LIVE - FAQ
Can Dos PLANNED #262 1)
Chat PLANNED #38 -
Let's Talk
PLANNED #1188 2)
Mentions LIVE - FAQ
More info PLANNED #393 3)
Online status PLANNED #212 -
PLANNED #418 -
Posts and comments LIVE - FAQ
Post filter LIVE - FAQ
Private posts PLANNED #784 -
Private messaging PLANNED #282 -
Report posts/comments LIVE - FAQ
Search for posts LIVE - FAQ
Search for users LIVE - FAQ
Shout (megaphone) LIVE - FAQ
Tags (hashtags) LIVE
User account settings LIVE - FAQ
User profile LIVE - FAQ
Versus PLANNED #310 4)
For other features not mentioned here please see the open issues on GitHub.

A roadmap of features is planned.


Our vision

Check out this video on PeerTube to learn what features the network will consist of in the future:
Human Connection ClickDummy Teil 01-11 (Duration: 18:10, in German)

Network Updates

How make this feature come earlier

Our software is Open Source. If you like to make this feature come out earlier please feel free to contribute code as a developer. Or support the project by your donation.
Thank you!

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