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This glossary should help you to understand special terms on Human Connection.

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Alpha (version)

The Alpha version is the first version of a →software. It is accessible for a limtied number of user, has errors and a small range of features. The Alpha is followed by a → Beta- version, the last stage before a public release.

Human Connection's Alpha version was published by the end of 2017 and was available at:


Beta (version)

see →Alpha

Blacklist [ˈblæklɪst]

It's a list of of peopel who are discrimiated against people who are not listed. At Human Connection, the term blacklist stands for a list of blocked users.

Bug [bʌg]

A error in the code of a →software that makes users and developers angry. Should you discover a but in the network please read our FAQs in this chapter.


Can Do [kæn duː]

On Human Connection, a Can Do is a post that invites users to take action because Human Connection ist a network for activism. Take action with Human Connection!

This feature is under construction [#262 on GitHub]. There is a workaround that uses hashtags, see this FAQ.

Change log [tʃeɪnd͡ʒ lɒɡ]

This log shows the most relevant things of a software that have been changed. You can find a link to Human Connection's change log in the footer of every page.


[ɛf eːʲ kjuː]

Frequently Asked Questions are a collection of pages that give answers to frequently asked questions.

Feature Request
[ˈfiːtʃə(r) rɪˈkwest]

A request to add a software feature.



An online plattform for the development of Open Source software.


A list of words and terms and their explanations or translations, so something like this very page here.



A means to contact and/or notify someone in the network by using his user name.

Hashtag [ˈhæʃtæɡ]
see →Tag

HC or H.C.

Short for Human Connection

Human Connection [ˈ(h)juːmən kəˈnɛkʃən]

The social network for activism, knowlege, social change and peace.



Also called "hyperlink". A reference to a resource in the World Wide Web. This can be a website, a document, a video, an image, a sound or another kind of data file. Links are often underlined and appear in a different colour such as blue, so they can be recognised as such.



Nitro is the code name for a →software release of Human Connection that can be seen as a second Alpha version. The Nitro version uses a database suitable for social networks as well as a fast and flexible programming language to query data from a database. In autum 2019, the Nitro version was replaced by the official release.



A published contribution.


[ɹɪˈliːs], m.,n.

In the world of IT it means a released →software version.


[tæɡ], n.

Also known as "hashtag". An especially marked keyword ("tag") for searching matching content in social networks. "Hash" means the number sign which is a prefix of those tags.

On Human Connection you can use those tags in posts or contributions to provide a one-click keyword search to other users.

Example: #world-peace



Short for Uniform Resource Locator, which generally means an Internet address. It starts by the access protocol – for example http, https or ftp – followed by the real address.



(World Wide) Web

The World Wide Web - or just Web - is a subsystem of the Internet. It consists of so-called hypertext documents (for example written in the programming language HTML) that can be connected through links and which are transferred by means of communication protocols like HTTP or HTTPS.

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