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How can I search for posts?
Last Updated 2 months ago

It's nice to have choices. So, here you have three options:

a) Search bar

On the top of almost every page you see a search bar. Enter one or more keywords. A list of search results will appear:

This section contains up to five search results including the post title, the author's profile name, the publication date, the number of comments and shouts. Only posts containing the keyword in the post title or post content are listed. Click on one of those search results to get the post in full or try it using other keywords and/or filters (→ FAQ).

This section contains up to five users who match with the keyword, see this FAQ.

This section contains up to five hashtags as search results existing in the network as long as they contain the keyword. The search for hashtags is not case-sensitive. Click on one of those hashtags to get posts that contain this hashtag.

b) Tags

Provided a post contains a tag (→ FAQ) you can click on in to search for posts with this keyword.

c) User profile

Check out the profile page of a specific user if you would like to find his or her posts. Learn how to find a user by checking out this FAQ.

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