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In this FAQ you will learn how to write a post on the Human Connection network. You will also find various tipps on how to make your post more interesting and attractive for other users.

Table of contents

  1. Preparation
    1. Relevance und helpfulness
    2. Uniqueness and context
    3. Validity
    4. Science
    5. Legal
    6. Featured image
  2. Create a post
  3. Featured image
  4. Post title
  5. Content
    • 5.1 Images, videos, emojis, mentions and tags
    • 5.2 Tipps
  6. Categories
  7. Langauge
  8. Visibility
  9. Save / Cancel

1. Preparation

In this paragraph you will get some editorial tipps that contribute to the journalistic quality of your posts and the Human Connection network as a whole.

a) Relevance and helpfulness

Assess your post's relevancy and helpfulness for others:
  • How does your post match with the goals of the network: "For positive, local and global change in all areas of life"?
  • Is your post really relevant and helpful for others – or is it pure entertainment, using up other user's life energy?

b) Uniqueness and context

  • By searching for this relevant keywords using the search bar (→ FAQ), check if and what has already been published in on Human Connection with the same topic.
  • Bookmark page addresses (URL) of relevant posts which you want to refer to in your post.

c) Validity

  • Check the validity of the information, if possible.

d) Science

  • Human Connection is also a network for knowledge. If you would like to publish a scientific post please read this FAQ.

e) Legal

  • Make sure that your post doesn't violate the Code of Conduct of our network.


    Expected behaviour (excerpt)

f) Featured image

If you would like to add a featured image to your post please save it on your computer.
Image source
If there is no suitable image available you can use images from image databases like as long as they are creative commons or licence free. Please adhere to the terms of licence if you use such pictures (e.g. mentioning the source, the creator, etc.).
Rights to use
Only use images for which you have the rights to use.
Image size
Images in posts will be displayed with a with of 904 pixel, independant of the original size of the image. The height is variable.
  • Width of the original image is less: Will probably be displayed in a poor quality.
  • Width of the original image is more: Resize the image before uploading, if possible.
File format
Permitted file formats for uploading images are: GIF, JPG und PNG.

2. Create a post

On the homepage please click the green "plus" button:

Create a post

You can find the same button on your profile page.

By clicking the button, the post editor is launched with which you can create your post. Let us guide you step-by-step through this creative process.

3. Featured image

The featured image is optional. A featured image can help your readers to recognize what your post is about, even on the post preview on the homepage.

The featured image can be up to 2000 pixels high and the permitted file formats are GIF, JPG and PNG.

3.1. Inserting

There are two ways on how to insert a featured image on your post:

Option A
On the grey area for the featured image click the image button:

Insert a featured image

The file manager of your computer is launched where you can choose the image.

Option B
Drag the image with your mouse pointer from the file manager of your computer and drop it in the grey area for the featured image of the post editor. A checked background is shown if the image or the canvas is not in the standard width-to-height ratio of 3:2.

Crop the image
Now you can select the section of the image to be used. Click on the blue frame, keep the mouse button down and move the frames to the place of your choice and release the mouse button. When finished click the Confirm button in order to crop the image:

Crop the featured image

3.2. Replacing an image

To replace an image just proceed as explained in section 3.1.

3.3. Delete

Click on the delete button (*X*) in the top right corner of the image.

4. Post title

Insert a suitable post title (3 to 100 characters):
Beitrags-Editor: Eingabefeld für den Beitragstitel

The actual number of characters is displayed at the bottom of the input field.

  • Informative value:
    Go for an informative title that briefly tells users what your post is about. Therefore, catchy titles like Awesome video! or A must see! are not suitable and these posts will be clicked less in search results, too.
    Try to be in the shoes of your readers: By looking at the title only, do you recognise immediately what it is about?
  • Keywords:
    The title of your post should contain at least one relevant keyword, so that your post can be easily found. You can add more keywords in the main content and you can even use tags (see the section "tags" below).
On saving your post, the post title becomes part of your post's page address (URL). For example, the post title A Paradise On Earth becomes this page address:

If the author of a post changes the post title the page address changes too.

5. Content

You can enter the main content of your post in the text editor. Just a above the input field there is a toolbar that helps you to format texts and insert links and more. Learn more about the text editor in this FAQ.

Below the input field you see the actual number of characters of your text.

5.1 Images, emojis, mentions and tags

How to insert images, videos, emojis, mentions and tags and format texts using your keyboard? We will show you in this FAQ.

5.2 Tipps

Here are more tipps that help you to write posts worth reading:

5.2.1 Add a description
Please avoid posting links to websites or videos only. Instead, enhance them with a short description, so that other users easily see what your post is about. By making this a habit, your posts will get more attention in general. More people will read and recommend them.

5.2.2 Share your personal view
Adding a personal note to your posts makes your posts appear more personal and more human. Your behaviour doesn't just enhance your posts but the quality of this social network overall.

5.2.3 Respect the law
Please respect the rights of use when using content of other creators. See the Copyright Infringement on Wikipedia.

5.2.4 Divide Long texts
Cut long texts into shorter paragraphs and structure your text by using headings (H3 / H3) whenever reasonable. Your posts will be more attractive and much easier to read.

If you would like to increase the spacing between two paragraphs just insert more line breaks by typing Shift+Enter on your keyboard.

Check your text using a spell checker in order to tweak it..

5.2.5 Reference other posts and users
If during your preparation you found noteable posts of other users please mention, refer and link to them in your post. This supports networking amongst users and makes your posts and the network as a whole more interesting. Furthermore, you express your appreciation for posts of your fellow users.

Use "mentions" if you would like to notify those users of your post. Learn more on how that works in this FAQ.

5.2.6 Sources
If major parts of your text consist of content from other sources then please add the references to them. By using references you can avoid that your post looks like a plagiarism and your honour the creators of the sources you use in your post.

5.2.7 Involve the community!
Human Connection is network that you can turn into a truly social network. Many innkeepers ask their guests at the end how their meals were, so why not ask your readers at the end of your post for their opinions, comments, help or feedback?

  • "What's your opinion on [this topic]?"
  • "What are your experiences with [this topic]?"
  • "How would you solve the problem of [this topic]?"
However, only ask such question if you are really interested in answers and if you are ready to answer comments.

6. Categories

Select one or more categories that suit your post. Mind that posts can be found and filtered using the category filter option (→ FAQ).

7. Language

Please select the language of your post.

8. Visibility

All posts are public, meaning that they can be accessed by all users of the network, except the users who you blocked. A feature to create private posts is planned, see this FAQ.

9. Save / Cancel

This is quite self-explanatory. Cancel will discard your changes in a post. So it's like make it or break it.

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