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Help, I'm not getting your e-mails!
Last Updated 6 months ago

We are sorry that you don't get our e-mails!

Here is what you can do:

  1. Wait a few moments. Breathe deeply, stand up and treat yourself with something nice, like a cup of tea. Some things just need time and breaks can be like "oases in the desert".

  2. Please check your spam folder. If you find our e-mail there please add our e-mail address to the address book of your mailbox and put our domain on the whitelist of your mailbox:


    Hence our future messages should arrive in your inbox.

  3. Make sure that you await our message in the mailbox that is stored in your account settings at Human Connection.
  4. Rarely, e-mail get lost in the Internet, or in deep space or beyond. To this date, no one ever found that giant pile of lost messages but be sure it's huuuuge! To cut things short: Repeat the same process (for example a password reset) and see if ...the miracle happens!?

  5. If fortune is on a holiday, please connect humanly with your fellow human beings of our support team who are happy to help you out.

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