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How can I mention and notify someone in my posts and comments?
Last Updated 7 months ago

By so-called "mentions" you can notify users in the network in your posts and comments.

What's the use of mentions?

  • If a user A (called "Alice") mentions user B (called "Bob") in her post or comment, Bob gets a notification.
  • Currently, mentions are the only way to specifically notify users within the network.
  • Mentions in comments are helpful if there is already a thread of comments. A mention makes it clear to whom the message is addressed.

How to use a mention:

To mention a specific user you need his or her unique user name. We explain the difference between a profile name and a unique user name to you in this FAQ.

  1. Put your cursor into your post or comment where you want to add the mention.
  2. Type the at sign (@) on your keyboard and add the user's unique user name. Don't find the at sign on your keyboard? Check our this page on Wikipedia.
  3. Add the unique user name of the user you would like to mention. Matching user names appear on typing.
  4. Click the required user name (or press the Enter key if the name is highlighted) and the mention prefixed by an @ sign will be added as a link to the user's profile page.
  5. After saving your post or comment the mentioned users will get a notification (→ FAQ).

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