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How can I use hash tags in my posts?
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What's a hashtag and what's the use of it?


A "hashtag" is an especially marked keyword for searching matching content in social networks. "Hash" means the number sign which is a prefix of those keywords.

Finding posts by hashtags

On Human Connection you can use those tags in posts or contributions to provide a one-click keyword search to other users.

You can also use the search bar to find posts that contain a specific hashtag, see this FAQ.

Hashtags for connecting with other users

You can use hashtags to build groups and connect with other users like:

Clicking a hashtag will initiate a search for posts that contain the exact hashtag.

How to insert a hashtag

  1. Put your cursor into the post where you would like to insert the hashtag.
  2. Type the number sign (#). If you don't find it on your keyboard just copy it from this page and insert it into your post.
  3. Type the keyword.
  4. If the tag already exists in the network please click on it on the list. If it is highlighted there just press the Enter key.
  5. If the keyword is new please click on it on the list or press the space key.

Notice: Hashtags can be used in posts only and not in comments yet.

Which characters are permitted?

A hashtag starts with the number sign (#) and can consist of the following characters:
  • at least an upper or lower case letter - also in other scripts of the world permitted
  • number(s)
  • underline(s)

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