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How is this network different from other social networks?
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Open Source

Not for profit

  • Human Connection ist non-profit, serving the public good. The network is operated by a non-profit GmbH located in Germany.

Free of ads, privacy

  • On our platform you won't find any commercial organisations.
  • Although you can have a free account we don't sell your data to advertisers neither do we create any user profile based on your online behaviour, see this FAQ.

Funded by donations

  • This network is funded by donations which means that you may or may not give some love back by a donation or by other ways of contributing - provided you like the network. Thank you very much!

Social network for activism and knowledge

  • Smart tools (in the planning) will support you as a user to not stay chained to your computer screen but to come back to the real world and change things for the better as quickly as possible.

The network for peace and social change

  • The major goals of Human Connection are social change and a world-wide peace. The UN Charter of Human Rights is the fundament of values for our network.

So, want to join us? :-)

Creating a user account is easy. Read this FAQ.
If you would like to support us by good deeds and more, read this FAQ.

We are happy to welcoming you on boad soon!

Funded by donations, not ads!

This network is different: Neither do we collect and sell your data, nor do we show you personalised ads. Our social network for activism and knowledge is funded by donations. Should it fly further please support it by a donation. Thank you!

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