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How can I help to translate this network into another language?
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This FAQ will show you how you can easily help to translate Human Connection into another language. You can find an overview of translations in this FAQ.

If you like to translate you should know a thing or two about that language.

How to translate the network

  1. Visit the Human Connection page at the translation platform lokalise:
  2. Click the button Join this project:

    Lokalise - join
  3. Select the target language and click the button Join project:

    Lokalise - language to join

  4. Login using your Google, Microsoft, GitHub (see arrow a on the image) oder lokalise account (c). If you don't have any of these you can create a user account for lokalise (b) by scrolling down. Accept the ToC and privacy policy of lokalize:

    Lokalise - login
  5. On the line of "Human-Connection" at the target language click the number under "WORDS TO DO":

    Lokalise - select project
  6. In the left sidebar you can see the expression in the initial language. In the right column click on Empty, select the suitable suggestion from the list or type in the correct translation:

    Lokalise - translate step 1

    Lokalise - translate step 2

  7. Repeat it with as many expressions as you like. When you are finished, on the top right log-out of lokalize:lokalise - logout
  8. Your translations will be checked by other translators and published. Thank you very much for your help!

Lokalise sponsors Human Connection

Many thanks to Lokalise who provide us with their web-based translation service free of charge!

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