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How can I report a system bug?
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Check if the error is known

  1. Before you report an error please check on GitHub if the error has been reported.

How to report a bug

  • By reporting an error to our developers you contribute to the enhancement of our network. There are several possibilites for reporting an error:

    a) GitHub:

    If you have a user account for GitHub please login and report the error, see the above mentioned link. You will be notified if there are any changes so you can track the progress.

    b) E-mail:

    Send an e-mail to our support giving these details:

    • What doesn't work? Add a screenshot if possible
    • When did the error occur (date, time)?
    • Where did the error occur, on which page or view?
    • What steps did you take until the error occured? (so-called "click path")
    • Which browser and which version do you use?
    • Which operating system and which version do you use?

    c) Face to face

    If you would like to talk about the error with our developers please join one of our developer online meetings. Please check out the date of these events here.

    If you would like to request for a change or a new feature please proceed in the same way.
Many thanks for your help!

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