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How can I block / unblock a user?
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Difference between blocking and muting

The networks provides two ways on how you can limit the interaction with other users and the visibility of their contributions: Blocking and muting.

Blocking Muting
Mutually limits the freedom of interaction between users as follows: Unilaterally hides contents of other users.
  • Both users are not able to comment the posts of the other.
  • Both users don't get any notifications of the other.
  • If user A has blocked user B and someone mentions user B in a comment of user A's post, then user B doesn't get any notification.
  • The posts of the muted user don't appear neither on the post overview nor in the search results.
See this FAQ.
Both ways can be combined.

This FAQ is only about blocking.

How to block a user

On the user's profile page click on the three dots next to the profile image and select Block user:


List of blocked users

In your account settings (→ FAQ) on the page Blocked users you will find the list of blocked users:


How to unblock a user

You can unblock a user either in your account settings or on their profile page.

a) in your account settings

On the list of blocked users click on the unblock button next to the respective user, see above.

b) on their profile page

In order to unblock a user click the three dots on his/her profile page and select Unblock user or click the button Unblock user directly.


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